Confidentiality Policy

We are glad you care about your personal data. In HelpLending, we value transparency and believe that everyone using the internet must be fully aware of the way his/her data is used. This policy, together with the User Agreement and our Cookies Policy, explains how we collect and store data you provide to us via the website, as well as the way we bind it to the services we offer.

How and why do we collect data?

We use it to identify you as a user when signing into the website, as well as to send you useful advice and/or information about HelpLending. The data you enter into our budget management tool will be reviewed anonymously and used for aggregated statistics and analyses. As with most websites, we also collect anonymous information that your browser makes available through cookies.

This information may include data about the type of browser you use, the links that led you to our website, the location, date and time of visit, etc. We collect this data so that we can provide you with services and functionalities meeting your needs in the best possible way and make your experience with our website even better. Learn more about our Cookies Policy.

How do we protect and guarantee the security of your data?

We strive to do everything we need to guarantee the security and privacy of your data. When you enter and send your data to us, we use SSL certificate (https) encrypting all the information. This process guarantees that the data transfer connection is secure

All the information you provide to us is stored on secure and protected servers that only we have access to. It is important to know that we apply one-way encryption to your password which guarantees you are the only person who knows it. For additional security, we advise you not to share it with anyone, as well as change it from time to time

Do we provide your data to third parties?

It is possible that we share this information only with third parties performing services on our behalf (for example MailChimp, through which we will send you emails). These service providers may have access to personal information (in this specific example MailChimp will only have your email address) necessary to carry out their functions but they are not be allowed to share or use this information for other purposes.

How often do we change our confidentiality policy?

We will update this policy from time to time. We will inform you of the important changes by email or we will place them in a visible place on the website. Should you have any questions, proposals or comments, do not hesitate to write to us at