About us


About us

Most of us have worked in the banking sphere where we have witnessed pursuit of big profits without any care for the customer. People taking loans pay a high interest rate while the ones investing their savings have very low returns. Unclear conditions and hidden fees are common.

We could no longer stay aside from it and created something better. This is how HelpLending was born – an honest and transparent partner. Whatever we take up, we always wonder whether we are proud of it and whether we can explain it to people. If the answer is negative and there is no way we can improve the idea, we prefer to give it up.

Who are we?

We are a small team of people united by the ambition to be useful to our customers. We have a very solid experience in the financial industry, most of us have occupied management positions in the field of consumer lending in Europe (including Bulgaria). Our main strength is the expertise in credit risk management. In our team, we have experienced people like credit managers and experts of collecting overdue receivables. We are well acquainted with the matter of risk.

Numbers and facts

  • 100% of our credit portfolio is funded by the owners.
  • 90 % Our loans are often cheaper than those of our competitors.
  • No delay 90%
  • 1 instalment < 30 days 5.7%
  • 1 instalment ≥ 30 days 3.5%
  • 2 instalments 2.5%
  • 3 instalments 2.5%
  • 4+ instalments 1.5%