User Agreement

  1. Help Credit AD, UIC: 203569425, with a seat and management address: Sofia, 23A Pastar Svyat Str., ground floor 2, provides its services only via the website
  2. By accessing the website, the User certifies he/she has the necessary knowledge, skills and equipment to make access connection.
  3. Help Credit AD shall not be liable for any damages caused by the technical equipment (hardware, software, etc.) of the User, which occurred during and/or in relation to accessing (including attempts to access) the information on the website.
  4. Unauthorised access and stay in the computer system hosting this website, disturbing and/or hindering work and attempts for unauthorised modification and/or change of the information on this website (including of the hosting computer system) is a violation and shall be punished as per the effective Criminal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  5. To use the services provided, the User (natural/legal person) has to register and create a user profile (also referred to as a User Account) on the website.
  6. When registering, the User shall provide all the required information noted as mandatory in the registration form, shall provide the required documents and perform the registration steps as shown/described on the website.
  7. The information provided by the User shall be subject to further inspections by Help Credit AD. The provision of information involves the necessary consent and authorisation for it to be checked by the available means (sources) through or by third parties.
  8. If necessary, the User shall provide any additional information and assistance to Help Credit AD to check the information.
  9. The User Account shall be used following confirmation and activation by Help Credit AD regarding which the user shall be notified.
  10. After activating the profile, the User will be able to select the services he/she will use. The selection of services and the duration of their use depend entirely on the User.
  11. The User will receive a registration number from for identification purposes.
  12. Rights shall be transferred from Help Credit AD, UIC: 203569425, whenever there is transfer of rights.
  13. All services provided by Help Credit AD shall be offered and provided in the condition in which they were at the time of their provision.
  14. Services

  15. Help Credit AD provides three general services:
    • Providing consumer loans to natural persons as a lender: “Credit Services”;  
    • Possibility for natural/legal persons to acquire parts of up to 30% of the right(s) to receive payments on the provided consumer loan(s) from Help Credit AD: “Investment Services”;
    • Free services that are, but are not limited to, personal budget, calculators, budget tracking tools.
  16. An individual Consumer Loan Contract shall be concluded for each granted loan.
  17. Each User wishing to use the Investment Services shall conclude a contract for transferring their receivables before the first transaction.
  18. Payments (not applicable to free services)

  19. Incoming and outgoing payments shall be registered in the User Profile (User Account).
  20. All payments shall be made via a bank transfer or other payment services. No cash payments shall be made.
  21. The users of Investment Services shall transfer amounts to their User Profile (User Account) only via a bank transfer from their bank account which they provided upon the registration of the Profile or through a payment service specified by Help Credit AD. If the money comes from a different bank account, it shall be refunded. The amount of the bank transfer shall be deducted.
  22. If the User of Investment Services has overdue loans to Help Credit AD, all the income for the Investment Services shall be used immediately to cover overdue loans.
  23. Help Credit AD operates all services and transactions in Bulgarian leva (BGN), Euro (EUR) and US dollars (USD). Payments in US dollars (USD) are accepted at the exchange rate of the BNB on the day of receipt of the transfer. Withdrawals in US Dollars (USD) will be paid the equivalent of (USD) at the exchange rate on the date of receipt by the user. The exchange rate difference in the movement of the US dollar (USD)/Bulgarian leva (BGN) in the period between payment and withdrawal is at the user's expense. Payments to foreign accounts will be made at the relevant buy/sell rate of the servicing Help Credit AD bank. SHA payment method will be applied according to the current tariff of the servicing Help Credit AD bank.
  24. In any case, the fees payable to Help Credit AD and the applicable bank fees shall be deducted from the balance of the Profile/outgoing transfer.
  25. Users

  26. Users of Investment Services may be natural persons of the full legal age (at least 18 years of age) or legal persons incorporated, with a bank account with a bank that complies with the terms of the issuing bank.
  27. The free services may be used by natural persons of the full legal age (at least 18 years of age).
  28. The registration of the User Profile shall mean full acceptance of this user agreement.
  29. The user profile belongs to the registered User. Any actions performed through the User Profile shall be valid on behalf of and to the account of the User.
  30. The legal persons have to ensure that the persons performing access on their behalf and to their account are duly authorised as per the effective legislation and their internal rules.
  31. Any user names, passwords, one-time passwords, identification codes/numbers shall only be used by the User and shall not be provided to third parties.
  32. The User shall bear all consequences if their Profile is accessible through data under Article 34 due to actions/inactions of the User.
  33. Markets and segments

  34. The User will be able to use the Investment Services only through the functionalities of or through representatives of Help Credit AD at +359 88 2450662.
  35. The minimum investment in loan(s) on the Main Market of is BGN 100.00, EUR 100 or USD 100.
    • investment in segment A is for loans without delay in receiving repayments.
    • investment in segment B is for loans with delayed repayment of up to 30 days.
    • investment in segment C is for loans with delayed repayment of up to 60 days.
  36. Help Credit AD:
    • has the relevant legal and professional capacity to conclude this Agreement;
    • shall act with due care for the performance of their obligations under this Agreement;
    • has never been, is not and will not be involved in money laundering schemes and/or operations for terrorist funding.
  37. The User:
    • shall not require and has not received any investment advice from Help Credit AD;
    • has the required legal capacity and knowledge to conclude this contract;
    • understands that Help Credit AD cannot and will not guarantee any return;
    • has never been, is not and will not be involved in money laundering schemes and/or operations for terrorist funding;
    • shall bear all costs for the performance of this Agreement.
  38. Confidentiality and personal data

  39. Help Credit AD is a registered administrator of personal data.
  40. The information provided during user profile registration (including if there is personal data) is protected by technical and organisational measures as per the Personal Data Protection Act.
  41. The whole content, data and information about transactions in the user profile is confidential. As such, the information shall not be distributed by any Party without the written consent of the other Party. This rule shall not apply with regard to providing information to a competent state authority in relation to its work or during audits.
  42. Any personal data provided for/during the effect of this Agreement is confidential and the User shall consent to their processing by Help Credit AD.
  43. The personal data provided shall be used only in connection with the activity of Help Credit AD and provided to third persons – subcontractors/partners only to the extent required for performing the activity of Help Credit AD and observing the necessary security conditions.
  44. The User agrees to receive information from Help Credit AD regarding the operation/use/development at
  45. Other

  46. Help Credit AD shall provide the users of Investment Services information about the actual status of their portfolio, including a history of the transactions upon request.
  47. Help Credit AD shall provide information about presenting the portfolio. Help Credit AD shall not be bound by this data which will be used only as information.
  48. Any information available at shall not constitute a proposal, offer, advice, advertisement, call for action, etc., unless explicitly marked as such. The User will select and use the services provided by Help Credit AD in its sole discretion, by its own decision and to a degree determined by the User.
  49. The user profile may be deactivated upon the User's request, on the grounds of a reasonable suspicion of Help Credit AD for misuse, an order by a state authority regarding the origin of the means of illegal activity.
  50. Any action (inaction) of the User based on any part of the information published on the website shall be entirely in the name of and on behalf of the users. Help Credit AD does not bear and will not be held responsible for any consequences (damages) as a result of an action (inaction) under the previous sentence.
  51. Help Credit AD shall endeavour in good faith to publish quality information on the website. At the discretion of Help Credit AD, each publication shall be subject to change without notice.
  52. Without the explicit written consent of Help Credit AD, no part of this website and the publications in it may be copied, reproduced, modified, distributed in any way and regardless of the means.
  53. Upon deactivation, the user profile may be activated following a procedure of Help Credit AD or terminated.
  54. The user profile may be terminated upon request of the User. In this case, the User shall sell the rights acquired. If the profile is deactivated due to illegal activity, the portfolio shall be liquidated in its current state. Funds shall be transferred upon disposition of the competent state authority.
  55. This User Agreement may be amended by Help Credit AD by no notice in advance to the users. The User may terminate his/her profile if he/she finds the new terms inappropriate.
  56. Help Credit AD, at their discretion, may update, develop, change the services provided and at any time and as a constant process.
  57. Bulgarian legislation shall apply. Disputes shall be settled through negotiations, and if no agreement can be reached – by the competent Bulgarian court. If any part of this agreement is declared void/invalid/inapplicable by an act or a competent state authority, the remaining clauses will retain their effect.
  58. The Confidentiality Policy and the Cookies Policy shall constitute an integral part of the User Agreement.